PSA: Submissions that don’t show the majority of the model’s frame will be removed

Just a reminder that chest up/tits only submissions will be removed as there is no way we can tell if a model is truly petite. Photos like these are better suited to tit-centric subreddits like /r/boobies or /r/tits. If you're sure a model is petite, find a full-body photo that better shows off her petiteness and submit that instead. Please report any submissions that break this rule. Thanks everyone!

Yes, but what does the "majority of the model's frame" actually mean?

This handy guide will clarify. Basically if you can't see the belly button, it will 100% be removed. Ideally we need to see everything from the shoulders down to a couple inches above the groin.

Examples of ideal Busty Petite content:

Perfect, full body and busty

You can clearly tell she's petite

Nailed it

Examples breaking the "majority of frame" rule

We could imagine that the rest of her is petite, but that's not the point. We need to see it.

From just below the tits up. Nope.

Busty yes, but where's the petite?

Rule 7

Photos must display the majority of the subject's body frame. Photos that are simply from the chest and above will be removed. If the submission is an album, there must be images that comply with this rule to avoid removal.


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